Just 1%

I see you sitting there wishing and hoping things will change. I see you fed up with the way your life is. I see that you’ve been through many trials and faced many adversities. I get that. I used to be like that until it took just 1%!

Stop playing the victim! Stop looking at how ‘bad’ your life WAS and start looking at how good it IS! What has happened to you is in the past; there is absolutely nothing you can do to change it.

A 1% shift in focus is all that it will take to change your circumstances. 1% doesn’t sound like much but it’s a shift nonetheless.

A 1% shift can give you hope. It can give you courage to rise up. It can take you out of victim mode. It can empower you.

Just imagine what your life would be like in 6 months if you choose to shift 1% each day!!

If you’re constantly focusing on where you have been, you’ll never know where you’re going!

You will never know what opportunities you’ll miss that could get you out of your situation but you’ve missed it because you’re so focused on the blagh your life is in.

Let it go and turn around; the world wants to see your face, not your back. The world wants to see you rise up, not be shackled to your past. The world wants to see you shine. What do you want for yourself? Whatever you want you CAN have. Don’t choose to have a defeatist mindset, it’s not your color!

What areas of your life are you playing victim? Your finances? Your weight? Your career?

A single decision can turn your life around, are you going to decide? A decision takes action, are you ready to take action?