Unleash the Rebel

When are you going to stop conforming and start living? When are you going to stop allowing people and systems to control you? When are you going to stop allowing other people’s negative words to resonate in your thoughts? When are you going to stop being so complacent?

Have you not had enough of being told what to do? There are systems in place to keep order but that’s just it…..you’re being ordered!!!

We’ve been told we HAVE to go to school and get a good education so that we can get a good job. We are told we HAVE to go to work after school or university so that we can afford to live and pay back our student debts. We are told we HAVE to work until we’re 75 years old (it used to be 65 years old).

Seriously, we go to school to get a job we hate to pay off a mortgage for a house we don’t live in because we are at work….and we allow this to go on for a good 40 – 55 years! Who made these decisions about our lives?

We do not HAVE to do any of those things at all! We CHOOSE to do them because that is what we have been led to believe. We CHOOSE to do those things because that’s what generations before us have done. When did you stop thinking for yourself about what YOU really want for your life?

Are you happy doing what you’re doing? Does it light you up? If not honey, you’re not doing what you’ve been called to do! What is it going to take for you to wake up and understand that you do not have to live by what you’ve been conditioned to believe?

I dare you to wake that rebel inside of you. The one you KNOW is in you, trying to get out, is pissed off about being suppressed and ignored.

I dare you to look at your world from a different perspective. Become so mindful and aware about what is going on in your little world and question EVERYTHING! Yes, EVERYTHING!

Do I really enjoy jam on toast or do I only think I like it because that is what I was given for breakfast each morning by my mum? Do I really enjoy my job or was I pushed into this career path because that is all I know? Question everything.

When you get a grip on your reality and let that rebel out, and you will, your life will start changing and you will start truly living in your power.

Don’t be small minded and conform, be all 100% unapologetically you, even if it means going against the grain! Good people follow tradition, Great people follow their hearts!