Who am I?

Hey there Gorgeous

Thanks for popping in to have a peek. I'm passionate about your success and I can see your potential. You are amazing, you are strong and you have what it takes to be great.

My name is Robyn and I have built my business around my passion – you.  Like other great philosophers, researchers, and scholars before me, I believe that we become our thoughts.  As a result, our mind is our main limit and once we conquer our thoughts, we can do anything.  I imagine a world where woman are filled with energy, laughter, confidence, and know how to lead the world.  To know me is to know that I am passionate about unleashing women's inner power, so they can release their inner rebel and step out of the narrow spaces and into the wide expanses of light where they can speak their minds.

So, who am I?  I grew up in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Dallas, Texas. The majority of my childhood was in Zimbabwe. I then migrated to and lived in Perth, Western Australia in 1998 to 2017. I have recently relocated to Queensland in 2018 to start a new chapter of my life.

Whilst living in Zimbabwe, I studied a business course which gave me insight into the workings of business. After moving to Australia, I dove deep into my career and was part of a management team and responsible for the fluidity in which the business operated. I absolutely love everything to do with business so this career was very fulfilling for me but I always knew I had a greater purpose and the idea of having my own business burned deep inside of me.

A few years after being in this career, I fell pregnant with my first child, Chloe. I worked as much as my changing body would allow me before reluctantly resigning from my position in the management team so that I could give my attention to my newborn and focus on the new journey my life was on. After getting into and overcoming a number of abusive relationships and having 3 more children. Paige, Hope and Eva, I chose to not allow my circumstances to define me and decided to study to stay mentally stimulated and that is where I completed my Advanced Diploma in Counselling. I also had my own very successful business.

In 2010, after my children were a little more self sufficient, I decided that I wanted to have a profession that was going to really look after my girls and the lifestyle we desired. I enrolled myself into a Law Commerce degree at the University of Notre Dame Australia. I loved studying and often my studies would consume 60 hours of my week but I was still able to keep a balance with my family, business, studies and social life with my on point self management and organization skills, and believe me, as a single mum, it was no mean feat! However, after 6 years of studying, I knew that this was not the path I wanted to be on and knew that I had a much bigger purpose and, even though I love learning new things, it was not lighting my soul up any more, it had quite the opposite effect. So I decided to withdraw in order to pursue my absolute passion.

My passion is helping women rise up to be the leaders they were born to be; it lights my soul on fire. I want to see them step into their inner rebel. I know these women are badass and have so much potential and I thrive off helping these women find this within themselves. Empowering women is my passion but so is business. I decided to put both of my passions together by helping empower women who have an idea they want to monetise, and turn it into a fully functioning online business for them. I love working hard and fast and so I like working with women who are hungry for the change in their circumstances and want to work at a pace that only a wonder woman can work at.

I have been gifted with a solution finding brain, it is always searching for answers to questions or situations that have shown up in either my life or my client’s lives. I have always attracted people that need a solution and have often been referred to as the information guru. So if you have an idea, I find a solution for you to turn that idea into content, and then intuitively pick out the best systems you will need to create a fluid online business which is mostly automated so that your gifts and idea become monetized.

I believe women can be all they want to be but they have to believe in themselves in order to become that. When empowering women through business and them seeing results along the way, they start believing and have more confidence in themselves, and their excitement when they have a win, no matter how big or small, excite me and light me up like a firecracker on New Years! When they start shifting their mindsets and old paradigms, I feel like a proud mum watching her babies grow into beautiful unstoppable rebel women.

In 2018 I started up a second business along side my coaching business. This business based on a 90% automated system. There is much to explain about this system so it is a lot easier to chat about it. However, it has helped many people step onto the road to financial freedom at a rapid pace and it is so exciting to see.  Along with my two businesses, I was also offered a position as the marketing manager for an international not for profit organization that assists women in restoring and healing their lives, rising up, being unleashed. I accepted the offer and am faced with a big task but because it is in alignment with who I am and my purpose, I said yes!

I have been featured in multiple online and printed media sources globally in 2017 when I launched my first program, and I have invested 10’s of thousands of dollars in personal and professional development and continue to invest in myself so I can bring more value to my clients and followers.

I love what I do and am so grateful to women like you that allow me to live my passion.

I see you, I believe in you, I love you!

Robyn x

"I'd love to meet you!"