Organized AF Program

 A One on One Program for Women in Business who Desire to Create Balance in Their Lives, Create More Time for What They Truly Desire and, Become Super Organized in the Process

Do You Desire To….

Achieve more while doing less?

Cultivate an abundance mindset?

Live a more balanced, less stressful, and more organized business and personal life?

To Get There You Need To….

Decide that enough is enough ~ Now is your time for change

Make yourself a priority ~ It all starts with you

Dig deep and put the work in ~ And be amazed at how your mindset shift

No Matter If…

You don’t think that you have the time to invest

You feel guilty for letting things slip through the cracks – missing important deadlines

Or, you think that it is impossible to get you out of your position and you are at breaking point, I understand your fears and you are in the right place!

Why Work With Me?

I’m Robyn Bull, an Business Strategist and Empowerment Coach who studied 60+ hours a week for a law degree as a single mum of four young children and a business owner, whilst maintaining impeccable life balance at the same time.  I also have an Advanced Diploma in Counseling, which I attained prior to starting Law School.  I also have certificates from a Business College I attended.   I teach time management, organization, and mindset to passionate, business women who are stressed out, stretched beyond their capacities, and crave more structure and time in their lives so they can do what they truly desire, whilst building their empires on the strong foundations.  I created my signature program, Organized AF, for women who are ready to show up, rise up, and change their circumstances.

When I was at law school, I noticed a lot of women around me struggling to keep the same balance I was effortlessly maintaining. They were stressed to the breaking point from all the pressures of life, and I wanted to help them.   I knew there was an easier way, and I saw it as my mission to provide help.

People who knew me saw my skills as a gift.  I had helped so many people around me because that is my passion so my family and friends encouraged me to take it to the world.  I started out volunteering and then created Robyn Bull International, and I have been living my passion ever since.

I am not going to lie and say that my life has been an easy ride, it hasn’t; I have had to overcome many challenging obstacles but with my sheer determination, a powerful mindset, and intense problem solving skills, I was able to overcome and fight my way out of any challenging situation I landed in.  I would not let them define me or control me.

I refuse to be boxed in and controlled.  I refuse to conform to what others want because I am me, and I am unique.  With this mindset, I invested multiple thousands of dollars on myself.  I employed two mindset coaches, two business coaches (different areas of business), and a life coach.  I enrolled in multiple courses and built my brand.  I promised myself that I was going to up level continuously so that I could have a bigger impact on changing women’s lives because I am obsessed with helping women – just like you – to create systematic structures based in business and scientific methods that improve their lives.

With these new found skills, along with my skill-based and expertise in the areas of time management and organizational systems, I was able to help free up 38 hours in one woman’s life, and helped another woman get out of a massive debt in 18 months.  On another occasion, by using my counseling skills and methods rooted in human psychology, I helped a woman break years of alcohol addiction.

You see, I believe in women and I know that we have what it takes to be great, and I know how to get women there.

So What is Organized AF All About?

Organized AF is a One on One Program for Women in Business who Desire to Create a Balance in Their Lives, Create More Time for What They Truly Desire and, Become Super Organized in the Process, all while cleaning up the messy parts of their lives that have been neglected. 
We go deep into your interior landscape to uncover the unconscious drivers that are holding you back.  You'll realize your inner strength as we create new mindsets and bring order to the chaos that has been reining your life.  You'll realize your inner strength as we re-frame your old limiting mindsets and create new ones.  This is where you will find your power!
 We will also get practical with your time and get you organized.  This part of the program is exceptionally tailored and highly personalized to each woman’s circumstances.

Does This Sound Like You...?

.....a business women that desires to change your circumstances, is tired of being stressed out and crazy faced, and desire to have the time to do what you really want to do whilst keeping life balanced.

I teach mindset...

...I will help you discover the ‘real’ you so you can rise up and be the leader you were born to be, so your voice is heard, and your confidence and self esteem soar.

I show you... to become super organized so that things run like clockwork (even in your absence), clean up your time so that you have extra hours to play with and do what you WANT to do and, provide business resources that will help your business run more smoothly. 

 I support you... being there every step of the way and being available to you 24/7.  I am your biggest cheerleader and I believe in you.  I am 100% transparent with you and will not hold back anything.  I have developed a stunningly effective and easy formula for creating the life you deserve, and I share all of my methods with you.

I celebrate you... your success and seeing you living an empowered life.  As you go through this program, and as you start rising up each week, I celebrate you and I am totally devoted to your success.

This program gives business women the confidence they need to bring order back into their lives on all levels.


Together we will:

Break that mindset that it is impossible to get things back on track

Get you super organized and put systems in place that create consistency so you never go back to the ‘old’ you

Get over the feeling of guilt for not being able to keep it together and juggle all the balls by yourself; you will never drop the glass ball again.

Create the extra time you desire so that you can have the lifestyle that you crave and automate your business as much as possible


Organized AF is not your typical coaching program.  I will show you that it is possible to create time and a lifestyle you desire by managing yourself first.  You don’t have to wait another minute.

"Robyn is a revolutionary in what it means to live and breath self-care.  She is gifted with understanding women and what it is they are really looking for from their life.  So often we think we just want our lives to be organized but we know there's something more we are really asking for.  Robyn is able to do just that - organize the heck out of you but also, her love for women and her compassionate heart allow you to see the other messy parts about life that are being neglected.  She always gives more because that is her nature but she is serious about your growth and expects the same from you.  Love her to pieces and highly recommend getting closer to her!" ~ Cassie ~ Founder/CEO, Cassie Jeans

What will you get after working with me?

You’ll shave hours off your work week

Go from a crazy-faced workaholic to Organized AF Business Master

Get your life and business in order easily and effortlessly. 

Get your time back and be released from the daily mom/partner guilt once and for all to be able to fully focus on creating a business and lifestyle you love.

Confidence in your abilities to keep life balanced

Strategies to rise up to be the leader you were born to be

Complete clarity on the path you want to take moving forward

Empowered to move forward whilst positively helping others around you

As women, we all struggle with the ‘I don’t have enough time to do that’.  And I know that you all come with a unique story, but I can guarantee you, this is a very tailored program so as we work together, you will be able to relax into it with ease.

Over the next 4 weeks you will learn how to stop feeling so anxious about asking for what you need and want in your work and personal life, all while protecting your energy so you have more time to do the things you really want to do.

It’s time to commit and take part in Organized AF so you get moving towards the life you have always wanted.


  As part of the program, you get....

~     An initial call to see if we are the perfect fit and to give me some background to prepare the ultimate personalized experience for you
~     5 workbooks delivered to you weekly
The modules cover Mindset, Empowerment, Time and Self Management, and Organization and Business Resources, along with putting strategies into place to create consistency.
~     5, 50-minute coaching calls to go over the insights and aha moments you have had whilst completing the workbooks (they are intense and life transforming)
~     24/7 email access to me for 3 months (that’s nearly 2 extra months after finishing the course!)
~     2 check in calls after you have completed the program to ensure you are staying on track

So What Are You Waiting For?

This program is only for business women who are serious about changing their circumstances and ready to rise up, be heard and be the leaders they were born to be.

I know what it takes to succeed

I am a single mum with 4 kids, studied a Law degree, Advanced Counseling Diploma, a business course and multiple online courses as a full time student


I have had a multitude of coaches that I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on to up level myself


I have helped women create extra time, get out of debt, and conquer addictions using my strategies


I have been featured in multiple media outlets all over the world (189 to be exact)


I am passionate about you and your success.  I live my passion when I serve business women like you who want to change their circumstances.

Now Is The Time To Claim Your Power!

Organized AF Is For You If….

You feel you are only just keeping your head above water with everything you have to do

You are ripping your hair out because you aren’t meeting deadlines

You don’t get to spend time with the family because you’re always catching up on work

There is no organization in your life and you’re just winging it

You desire the lifestyle that gives you freedom and choice

You are ready to invest in yourself so that you can have the life you dream of

You are tired of being tired and you don’t get enough sleep because you’re up at night worrying

You see how personal business coaching can benefit you

You want your business to run smoothly in your absence

Organized AF Is Not For You If….

You are not open-minded and don’t want to change your circumstances

You thrive off the drama your life creates

You are lazy and prefer everything to be handed to you on a silver platter

You can’t commit or see things through to the end

You don’t like hard work and just complain about how hard everything is

You have a victim mentality

You do not believe in the power of coaching and wouldn’t consider hiring a coach

I believe in giving myself fully to my clients and spots fill up quickly.  I only run this program 4 times a year, and I choose when I want to run them so I am not sure when you will get another opportunity to enroll in this program.  If you are serious about changing your circumstances, gaining control over your life, and enjoying the lifestyle you have dreamed of, now is the time to make the investment.

In order to work with me, there is an application process to see if we will be the perfect fit for each other.  The pre-requisites for working with me are that you must have a winner’s mindset and be willing to put in the work regardless of how hard or confronting it may be.  Your results are determined by the effort you put in.  I only take a limited amount of clients each time I run my program so grab your spot now!


Find Out More When You Book your Empowerment Call

Don’t delay, the sooner you get on this call, and go through an application process and we can start working together immediately!

Still Undecided?

Have a look around you and be honest with yourself.  Is this the life of your dreams?  For this to change, you have to do something differently and it starts with you by shifting your focus by even 1%.  To become a fearless empowered, business women, your time is now, claim it and own it!

Any Questions?

I am happy to answer any questions you may have, I am at your service.  All you have to do is flick me an email at, and I will get back to you promptly.

"Robyn epitomizes selflessness. She is passionate about empowering women and is not afraid to share her own painful experiences to allow other women to heal. Robyn celebrates your success and cheers you on unconditionally. She is genuinely the real deal" ~ Tracy ~ Founder/CEO, Potential Realized



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