What’s the Buzz?

"I have been working with Robyn for the last 5 weeks as she is helping me launch my coaching business. Her knowledge, skill and patience has been extraordinary. Robyn tailors her coaching to suit your individual business needs. She goes above and beyond to help her clients become successful. She works at your pace and knowledge in order to help you achieve your goals. I was set to have a launch and there was a glitch so Robyn took time out of her Sunday to hop on a call to be certain that the launch would be successful. To me that is dedication!" ~ Denise ~ Founder/CEO, Denise Monique LLC

 "Robyn is a revolutionary in what it means to live and breath self-care.  She is gifted with understanding women and what it is they are really looking for from their life.  So often we think we just want our lives to be organized but we know there's something more we are really asking for.  Robyn is able to do just that - organize the heck out of you but also, her love for women and her compassionate heart allow you to see the other messy parts about life that are being neglected.  She always gives more because that is her nature but she is serious about your growth and expects the same from you.  Love her to pieces and highly recommend getting closer to her!" ~ Cassie ~ Founder/CEO, Cassie Jeans


 "If you get a chance to work with, or alongside Robyn, grab it with both hands!  She is such an inspiration and is one of those rare people who most definitely 'walks the talk'.  Robyn has so much to offer and has a real heart for women and helping them rise above their circumstances and be the best they can be, just as she has done.  I have been working with Robyn as a coach for over a year now and she has gone on an incredible journey and is a true testimony of what can be achieved by setting goals and taking massive action to achieve them.  We could all take a leaf out of her book" ~ Gillian ~ Founder/CEO, Gillian Austen Life Coaching


Robyn epitomizes selflessness. She is passionate about empowering women and is not afraid to share her own painful experiences to allow other women to heal. Robyn celebrates your success and cheers you on unconditionally. She is genuinely the real deal ~ Tracy ~ Founder/CEO, Potential Realized


 "Create the Biz of your Dreams"